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We are a General Engineering And Construction Company established to construct both residential and commercial structures dealing majorly in plumbing systems; Construction and Engineering ;

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What makes us outstanding?

JESIX ENGINEERS LIMITED is available to help you with your Residential & Industrial Construction; Plumbing systems and the need to maintain and install a new plumbing system.

Our professional team provides high-quality services as well as honest advice on any Plumbing and Construction problems that may arise.

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No Matter Your Budget, We are always Available to help you.


We usually provides all kind of construction oriented services to our customers that may include;-

Plumbing systems

We provide highly experienced and competent workforce for HVAC & Plumbing works. We also associate ourselves with renowned partners & Contractors for execution of other services like Construction Works.

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Maintenance services

We provide various kind of maintenance services along with repairing and construction. The maintenance services mainly includes services like Plumbing, Floor & Wall Tiling, Painting, Cleaning and Restoration and much more. Such services can also be tailored as per the desired requirements of our client.

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Protective Coating Services

Apart from construction and maintenance, the other kind of service offered is protection of structures through various types of coatings. The protective coating services uses coatings and linings to protect against the impact of chemical corrosion, heat and abrasion from various kind of chemical and physical agents. Coating services also include fire proofing, lining and coating for chemical storage tanks.

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Masonry Works and Plaster

We undertake masonry works of all types such as fixing of solid/ hollow/ aerated cement concrete/ soporex/ habel blocks including brick and stone masonry besides various types of plaster including decorative type with both manual and mechanized techniques.

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Pre Cast Work

We do Casting and Erection of all types of Pre-cast elements such as Wall/ Slab Panels, Beams, StairCase, Lintels, Manholes etc. The Pre-cast Work also includes running and maintenance of Pre-cast Fabrication Yard.

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Waterproofing and Insulation Works

Waterproofing and Insulation forms essential part of all the modern architectures. It controls the temperature directly, and affects the movement of moisture to and from the building spaces. We supply specialized and trained workforce for undertaking various kinds of Water Proofing and Insulation Work.

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Our core values

Our employees are guided every day by a set of values that serve as the foundation for how we operate


We take great pride in our work. We deliver a great service, and we speak highly of our company and team.


All aspects of our approach focus on providing the best service and value, with the aim of fostering client loyalty and return business.


We are professional, ethical, honest and accountable.


We approach each project with integrity, honesty and transparency to enable the best relationships with our clients and achieve the best results.


We pride ourselves on the high quality of our workmanship, and strive to deliver the best quality service and results on each and every project.

Our Visual Journey


Some of the endorsements from some of our clients that do testify the quality of our services we do provide.

Kakuya George

Ceo & Founder

My storage house was constructed in less than four months, something i did not intially believe was possible, Kudos.

Joseph Wagaba


My water channels are now cleared, i nolonger recieve abnormal water bills.

Jena Kalistus

Store Owner

Great work done on my residential house in Ntinda

Matt Brandon


I require your services, kindly direct me to your offices

John Larson


I used the little money i had to build my rentals, thanks for the exoertise